The Armchair Negotiator Powered By The Business Marketplace Global Experience.

Join us on a journey of Business Building Personal Growth and Development.

Every month we design develop create and ultimately deliver a wow experience and environment for you to strut your stuff and showcase your brilliance.

The Business Marketplace Global Experience provides a unique and special Platform for you to be seen and heard.

Most importantly it’s a place for you and your business to grow on a Local and Global scale.

The setting for The Business Marketplace Global Experience is a Stage for you to shine under the spot light.

As you enter our custom designed and created room you will see the chairs formed in a massive ‘u shape’. In the middle at the front is an Armchair.

At the centre back a camera is positioned on a tripod ready in anticipation to capture the business building content and stream it live around the World and across the Planet.

It’s Global.

The live audience of Business Builders await eagerly to start the meet-buy-sell-connect day.

The special Panel of 4 are seated at the back below the Camera keen and eager to share their pearls of wisdom.

To the right is our dynamic host whose role is to facilitate the connections collaborations and doing immediate business.

The purpose driven periodic ‘breakthrough breaks’ are designed to encourage meaningful conversation that results in positive outcomes and stories of triumph.

They get shared on the day.

The Golden Buzzer keeps the momentum flowing and a finger is poised to push it to celebrate wins and golden nuggets.

You will walk away transformed renewed equipped and empowered to take massive and immediate action.

We are not another ‘Network’
We are The Business Marketplace Global Experience.