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Are you maximizing your experience on this planet?

If the answer is no

Then connect with me so that I may serve you to change that. I work primarily with creative entrepreneurs who have huge goals and dreams and perhaps don’t realize how amazing they truly are in what they offer to the world. Some people will have a dollar sign attached to everything they do, while for others this is not their primary driver.

My role as a supporter lies in working through the entire fabric of the person and their business to find their unique pathway to success, then guide them along this until their business is thriving. I understand how to do that, as I’m a director in two businesses from startup that now turn over around $50 million, CMC Group and Silver Service Real Estate Group

How we work

Before I start to work with my client I ask them to be open with me about their background. Sometimes I receive a high level of detail, often people are less forthcoming or they don’t participate.

This is where accountability begins. Those that are not willing to participate at this point are not likely to gain value from my energy or process. I’ve found that culture is the defining feature of every successful business that I have supported. That culture begins with the owner and their internal dialogue.

In order to truly maximize your experience on this planet, we start with you, your thoughts, your actions and your results. From my small business coaching and mentoring experience in Melbourne and around the globe, with better information you can create a business that operates successfully at a new level anywhere

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