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We create our destiny by dreaming bigger than most people would think reasonable, by believing in ourselves more than most people would think sensible, by making decisions that most people would think illogical and continuing to act way beyond the point that most people would have given up.’

Andrew Jobling, an author – who would have believed it? Certainly not my year 12 English teacher!

I was a guy whose favorite books were ‘Peanuts’, ‘The Far Side’, ‘Tin Tin’! … Oh, and ‘Dr Suess’! I now have six published books and two e-books. The only reason I actually passed year 12 English is because my mother, Sue, who worked in the library at a college of Secondary Education organised tutoring for me in year 12. My tutor just happened to be the head of English at that particular college and on the examination board for the state of Victoria.

She possibly had some inside information, that she may have very subtly and cleverly passed on to me … phew!

So basically I somehow scraped though.Actually, it is very simple – when you have a passion, when you have a message that you want to spread and when you have a burning desire to get that message out there, writing a book is simple.

I began to think … how do I write a book? My answer was a simple one … write the same way as I speak. People who know me say that whilst reading my books, it is like I’m actually talking to them … exactly the response I was after

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