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At Digital Copywriting we help you understand how to create a better brand, shift the focus to your client and create know, like and trust.

A content writer can be boring, a marketer is often impersonal, and a template generated lead sheet gets you nowhere because Google has worked out it’s duplicated somewhere else.

Google even black bans bad website behaviour by unwary business owners and you get no ranking at all.

My copy and digital strategy are crafted to find your ideal clients and help them to experience and love your services… THAT’S IT.

My gift is to turn your business knowledge into something your clients appreciate immediately and give them easy ways to buy from you on the spot. It works too!

That’s because my job, as your digital copywriter, is to engage the reader and motivate them to do something. Sure we also convey valuable information about a brand, industry or issue, but we do it in a way which helps your client make a decision to trust you and buy your product or service.

How does a Digital Copywriter create better content?

My point of difference is digital strategy; that understanding of the synergies necessary with other online platforms and IT specialists. We collaborate and link to increase your online presence and sales ability. Together you and I create a strategic, robust, personal hand held journey to assist you in gaining new clients. Then I and the associated providers make it happen.

By working with me as your digital copywriter, you’ve hired a savvy wordsmith who understands how to write a better quality, more effective story about your business.

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Emma Sidney