Dr Gary Wohlman - The Presentation Doctor


Dr Gary Wohlman is an innovative, international presentation coach who trains managing directors, CEOs, senior managers and executive committee members of organisations — as well as professional speakers and leaders, entrepreneurs and performers in a wide range of industries. His streamlined approach to facilitating personal and corporate communication breakthroughs combines 45 years of performance-based leadership training, team-building and platform skills.

“In my role as a communication skills specialist and transformational presentation coach, I am dedicated to maximising the impact and effectiveness of developing speakers in delivering their message with the greatest natural ease, connectedness and full physical presence with varied audiences, on all stages – in and of their lives”.

Through creating alignment between the Verbal words, Vocal expression and Visual Gestures – the 3V’s of communication – my body-centred approach helps developing speakers relax and show what they are telling – with greater authenticity, vitality and compelling engagement as they learn tangible tools to interact with and generate greater rapport relating with their audiences than ever before.

One of my most dynamic tools is the Grid System, a simple interactive visual aid utilising 9 squares in a 3×3 grid that trains speakers to literally “walk their talk”. By placing particular points in specific consistent spots on the stage, this practice not only streamlines the speech preparation process, it also provides a safe container for speakers to create a conscious choreography of communication. Planting their key points in this way, they punctuate their message with remarkable congruency – so the spoken word both matches and is reinforced by the physical delivery. Similar to learning to play a piano piece by heart, this tool also frees the speaker to “think on one’s feet”, improvise and communicate with greater command, influence and persuasion. What’s more, the audience recognises and understands what the speaker is going to say – even before they say it – on many more levels of meaning and comprehension. The key messages conveyed literally “make more sense” and increase the likelihood that the audience follows through on the speaker’s call to action.

On a deeper level, I am here to assist fellow presenters to ‘take a stand’ and share their gifts of self-expression to make the biggest difference they can, in bringing their voice and message out into the world as they always dreamed possible. On a global level, I am committed to catalysing our collective contribution to create pioneering pathways to transform survival to “thrival” – to maintain, enhance and optimise the quality of our lives – and life itself – on this planet.”

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