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EazBuild helps our clients with complete pre-build, pre-development process and permits so you can easily complete the development with confidence!

EazBuild has a range of products and packages that helps clients with complete pre-build processes and permits, so they can easily complete the development whilst saving time, frustration and potentially, thousands of dollars.

Our packages include design, draft, town planningsubdivision, land development and building development.


EazBuild is proud to be able to offer your clients a simple evaluation that will give them a full guide to –

  • A property report that determines all planning requirements for a specific lot of land, including overlays
  • Solutions for complex planning requirements – including farm plans, bed and breakfast, host farms and retreats
  • Requirements for a building permit
  • Step by step process designed especially for your clients needs on the requirements for their development

The evaluations, regardless if they are for a major town planning development or single dwelling, empower your clients to fully understand what is required of them if they purchase their dream property.

The property may be a vacant lot of land or have a dwelling already established, the evaluations are completed to each clients need(s).

To take us up on our great introductory offer, please contact us today or phone on (03) 5756 2679.

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