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Hi, my name is Marisa Punshon ~ I am a Professional and Lifestyle Finance Mentor and creator of the Wealth and Prosperity Program. Helping people make, manage and multiply their money so they can have a better life is something I am incredibly passionate about.

I work with people to help them manage their business and personal finances ~ to unlock the cash in their business and increase their personal savings and wealth resulting in MORE MONEY and a BETTER LIFE.

If you have found your way here you probably have similar problems to a lot of people I talk to:

  • You’ve had a budget and not stuck to it
  • You put everything on your credit card but don’t pay it off
  • You don’t have an emergency fund
  • You earn a good income but have nothing at the end of the month
  • You have a great business yet want to increase the cash flow
  • You rarely stick to your plans and therefore don’t get the results
  • You know you need to do something about your finances but don’t know where to start

With me, you’ll learn how to:

  • Unblock your cashflow
  • Find more money
  • Grow your personal wealth
  • Develop control over your money management
  • Have a concrete financial vision that works
  • Feel great about your spending
  • Be accountable to yourself
  • Achieve your financial goals
  • Learn lifetime skills around money management that will keep you moving forward

I’ll be by your side holding your hand as you step into your greatness and not be a slave to your finances but a master of your money.

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