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Ninedots was established in 2013 to provide genuine, unbiased support to buyers looking to build a new home or investment property. Ninedots helps navigate the complex construction process allowing for a seamless build.

Ninedots are uniquely placed to provide clients with the best new home build and property investment solutions.

Through active consultation, Ninedots acts as a buyers advocate to negotiate optimal build outcomes. Ninedots covers areas such as finance, land acquisition and builder selection, and negotiates on behalf of buyers in the areas of pricing, inclusions and contract conditions.

Ninedots conduct fortnightly site visits ensuring builders deliver on all outcomes; keeping clients informed every step of the way.   For investors, Ninedots also provides support across the areas of insurance, depreciation and property management.

We ensure a standout build without over capitalising.

Ninedots operates independently having no direct affiliation to any one builder or land developer, ensuring we remain client focused and not vendor driven.

We believe there’s immense value in bridging the knowledge gap between builders and buyers and so at Ninedots, that’s what we do.

Delivering a unique and affordable service, we are the buyers advocate for new home builds

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Rebecca Hall