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During family “slide nights”, I was transfixed by the colour and texture of Dad’s Kodachrome holiday images projected onto the loungeroom wall –  a red-beaked bird perched on my sister’s head, cousins leaning on a farm fence in the orange glow of a sunset.

As a schoolboy, photography was a way of exploring a larger world. Portraits of friends were printed in the garage loft which was set up like a mini-studio and darkroom. Here I discovered the magic of prints appearing from the developer tray, illuminated by a dim amber safelight. I shot super-8 movies for school projects, with a soundtrack of The Beatles, The Stones and Pink Floyd.

After leaving scoool, I backpacked solo in the mountains of Java and Sabah (Malaysia), photographing people in wild places which I never knew existed. This is a passion that has never left me, and I still enjoy trekking in the remote mountains of Nepal and India as well as New Zealand and Tasmania. The fragile nature of these unique landscapes is what I love to capture.

After working and travelling for two years I studied at RMIT’s Illustrative Photography Course – the leading photography course in Australia at the time.

I assisted busy advertising photographers, was employed by George Patterson Advertising then went freelance shooting with talented art directors for Melbourne’s leading advertising agencies.

I soon opened 7Phoenix Studios in South Yarra, a co-working stuido, supporting a community of talented photographers in the genres of fashion, food and automotive photography.

I am equally at ease working with a strict brief for my client or thinking on my feet. I always feel a curiosity for messages clients want to convey in their marketing, creating between us an honest dialogue

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