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For the past 17 years, Sam Shay – DC, DACNB, FACFN, PGDip (Acu): has devoted his life to health and science, learning how to heal himself through natural medicine. He now applies those same principles to his patients in the clinic and to his coaching clients online. Sam educated himself in natural medicine through multiple means, including:

  • Three bachelor degrees
  • A doctorate in chiropractic
  • A post-doctoral diplomate from the American Chiropractic Neurology Board
  • A fellowship in the American College of Functional Neurology
  • A post-graduate diploma in traditional Chinese acupuncture

Degrees aside, Dr. Sam Shay also spent thousands of hours in post-doctoral training, cross-training amongst a broad spectrum of topics, including:

  • Functional Medicine
  • Functional Nutrition
  • Functional Testing
  • Neurology
  • Chinese medicine
  • Physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Rehabilitation
  • Injury correction
  • Myofascial technique
  • High intensity exercise
  • Functional medicine

Most importantly, Dr. Sam Shay vetted his techniques and health principles through clinical experience treating real patients either face-to-face or health coaching online. Dr. Shay’s biggest passion is to teach these health principles to a wider audience.

The word “Doctor” is a derivation of the Latin verb “to teach.” Sam, like his father and grandfather, takes that responsibility to teach very seriously. Sam consistently educates his colleagues, his patients, and the public on how to get healthier naturally. A passionate and devoted teacher, Dr. Sam Shay has taught in multiple capacities for over 10 years, including consistently being of service to his classmates and school by being a tutor, a mentor to newer students, class note taker, teaching assistant, nutrition club presenter, and guest lecturer in nutrition classes and wellness classes throughout his academic career. He was also a National Board Review instructor of basic sciences, clinical sciences, and X-ray analysis for Chiropractors in the USA.

Dr. Sam Shay has also spoken at formal integrative medical conferences, informal health festivals, and lay lectures to the public. His current teaching endeavour is to reach a wider, global audience through digital publication and online education. If you would like Dr. Sam Shay to speak at your next conference, please contact Dr. Shay.

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