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Phoebe Lay is a business coach and mentor. As the CEO & Founder of Thrive and Shine Coaching, Phoebe helps entrepreneurs and Business owners with their Social Media Marketing, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Phoebe combines her expertise in human behaviour with her branding and social media experience to give entrepreneurs and Business owners a system and blueprint to generate leads and increase profit through an increased on-line presence.

“When we are heart-centred and soul driven, that’s when we rise up to thrive and shine.”

My intention is help you figure out your dreams. To get deeper into your calling and share with you as much wisdom and knowledge as I can to help you create the life that you want. Because at the end of the day, life’s too short just to dream. Let’s turn those fantasies into a reality!

I am a girl with a “go get it” mentality. For as long as I can remember, I have always gone for the things I desire, taken risks without too much hesitation and given the things that I hope for a good hot go! From moving overseas and working in Europe, to starting my own Matcha business and creating a social enterprise that donates to human trafficking victims, if it feels right and it sounds pretty amazing, I’ll usually just do it.

From a young age my mum taught me that if I wanted something badly, nothing should get in the way. I am the only one who can define my own future. I watched my mum go from being a woman who was titled “housewife” to being a thriving entrepreneur, taking charge of her life and following her dreams one step at a time. From starting as a single mum with nothing but an education that she couldn’t even apply in Australia to living her dream and becoming one of the best business women in the Asian beauty industry in Melbourne, she showed me that woman aren’t bound by their circumstances.

I am an adventure seeker, a Christian, a massive foodie, former coffee snob turned matcha lover, a fitness enthusiast, healthy lifestyle lover, radiographer turned photographer turned Matcha Sisters soultrepreneur, now life coach, frequent traveller (yes at least two trips a year) who is living her dreams. I wake up each morning with the intention to love myself and everyone around me.

“I believe that we are equipped to create an inspiring reality”

I believe we are created to live a full life. Not to play it small or work an uninspiring job where everyone complains and you are left wondering why you do what you do, motivated by that next escape holiday and paying off the mortgage.

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