Translucent Cloud


Translucent Cloud are an Information Technology Services company that specializes in the Implementation, Management and Support of Computer and Phone systems that are linked to the “Cloud”

What is the “Cloud?
The “Cloud” is the delivery of computing services (including Software Applications, Servers, Storage, Databases, Networking and other related services) over the internet.
This enables flexibility in resources required for business computing with the enhanced ability for businesses to take advantage of faster innovation, and economies of scale with Enterprise grade level of security.

What does Translucent Cloud do?
We bring businesses along the journey to take advantage of the “cloud”. Specifically, in the following areas:

  • Microsoft – including Office 365 (and the associated applications) and Azure.
  • Hosting – we give business the ability to have their old “legacy” applications (specifically accounting and logistics) systems move into the cloud using our specially designed data centre which hosts the software and delivers it securely to the business.
  • Phone Systems – we enable businesses to take advantage of the flexibility and latest innovations in phone technologies using Cloud based phone systems.
  • We design the right solution for your business as our approach is to analyse the business needs first, consider the technologies (including the internet connection(s)) available, then recommend and implement the appropriate solution for the business.

For over 25 years, I have been helping businesses embrace new technologies.

Cloud technology is the most exciting change in technology this century so far.

  • No longer do you need to spend lots of capital on constant upgrades, training and implementation.
  • No longer will your staff be frustrated with the changes.
  • No longer will your staff be left waiting for support whilst they are powerless to complete their work tasks.

It’s time to give the power back to your end user and give them what they want –

  • Easy to use
  • Portability
  • Easy to update
  • Average Help Desk problem solving – 15 minutes

It’s time to leave clunky and superseded hardware and their associated costs behind

It’s time to adopt and embrace the Cloud

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Linda Jane