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Well Said & Associates“Right Words, Perfect Timing”

My love of language was encouraged by my Dad who, due to his family situation, was not educated past Grade 5. However, he never stopped learning. My favourite memory is of him sitting at the kitchen table and reading anything he could lay his hands on: newspapers, the dictionary, a thesaurus or the Reader’s Digest. He would look up from the page and say “Have a listen to what this word means!” or “Listen to this story.” His passion for linguistics was contagious.

It took some time to discover that I was a writer, as I took my skills very much for granted. Until one day, someone asked me, “What is it you love doing and when you do it, time just disappears?” I realised that writing was my true passion.

When I created Well Said & Associates over 21 years ago, I never envisaged how business would change over the years. Today’s fast-paced communication means there’s a lot of pressure on business owners to build their relationship with their clients on multiple platforms. We all love using social media to touch base with our friends, work colleagues and family. However, what I enjoy most about helping people to find the right words for business and personal reasons is that it is all about storytelling.

Now, I enjoy working in collaboration with a number of experienced professionals to delight customers even more. Photographers, Transcribers, Graphic Artists, Web Designers, Speaking Trainers, Coaches who, like me, love what they do and are committed to providing the very best service to our customers.

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