Clive Murphy


Clive Murphy Bio

Way back in 1987, it was through necessity that Clive changed careers.

Within a three-week period, his girlfriend left him to be with another guy and he was put off from his job as an Area Sales Manager. The stress of rejection and failure was so great he ended up in hospital and declared he was never going to feel that way again.

Clive studied the power of the mind, human behaviour and relationships. He began counselling people and quickly learnt, what he had been taught was not getting the results he wanted. He then came up with simple strategies that produced great results.

Many of Clive’s clients asked him to write a book about what he taught. He is now the author of four books (one being a Best Seller) and seven on-line courses.

Clive has developed a unique and common-sense way of helping people achieve emotional freedom and peace. He gets down to the root cause of what is holding them back. Many have touted him as being a world leader in his concept on developing high self-esteem.

Clive was a guest speaker at the 2nd International Rotary Peace Conference with Steve Pratt and Peter Cosgrove. He has also worked with many businesses, sporting people (including an Olympic runner, Richmond Football Club, a double Olympic Gold Medal Coach) and is mentoring a number of counsellors and business people.

While Clive has 7 formal qualifications, he rates the best as the one he receives from the University Of Life, School Of Hard Knocks.

Date: Wednesday 21st July, 2021

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