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Peter Nicholls Bio

Change The One is a simple vision of its founder, Peter Nicholls that came about when inspecting the devastation of a Tsunami in Papua New Guinea back in 1997.
Peter recalls that first encounter:

“As I stood on top of the rubble, trees, rocks and silt, 3 stories high that had been cleared off the road and stretched as far as the eye could see, I looked to the heavens in utter frustration and helplessness, cursed for the little I could do – the task was insurmountable. Our inspection continued further with my guides, a group of locals with a beat up old 4 wheel drive. The dust, humidity and feelings of helplessness were unbearable. Our descent down a steep hill saw the brakes smoking and on fire. As I stood beside the road watching my local companions pour creek water on the ensuing disaster, the tears of utter despair welled up – what on earth was I trying to do? A group of children appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. These children had heard of the work we had done in the nearby village of Buna, were so happy and wanted to meet me. It was at that moment I realised I had been trying to change the world and I didn’t need to – I needed to “Change The One”. Those children went home happy and shared the story with their families. Each one of those children had taken that happiness to another child, who took it took another and so the happiness grew.

Peter later found himself on a family holiday to Vietnam, meeting with local people and forming close friendships with people with a similar passion for assisting those in need. As those friendships grew, and it became apparent the limited amount of resources available, Peters’ offer of assistance was warmly welcomed.

The raising of funds contributes to assist those in need in both Papua New Guinea & Vietnam. Peter and local volunteers build classrooms & teachers quarters in remote areas. To assist in development within their community we provide facilities such as, learning materials, school supplies, food and bedding, fresh water, self-sustainable farming by establishing Chicken, Duck and Goat farms. And continued support for those effected by Agent Orange.

100% of monies raised goes towards helping local people in need. All work completed by Peter and local volunteers is 100% voluntary.

Together we can change the world when we Change The One.

Date: Wednesday 16th September, 2020

Venue: This is a zoom event

Time: 10.00am till 12.00pm

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