Invest and purchase a special Membership for The Business Marketplace during the month of March for $1495 and receive a bonus Stall to Exhibit on June 3rd at our SCALE IT UP Expo plus an additional Membership to gift to someone you deem worthy.

Advantages of Membership

Invitation to 12 monthly Connect Events where you can meet-buy-sell-connect to 100's of other business owners in the room at the one time. Listen to world class guest speakers inpart their business knowledge each and every month as part of your membership

Your Business will be Listed in our Members only Business Directory, enabling you to communicate, sell your products and services, detail special offers to other members

You become part of a large and supportive network of like minded Entreprenuers and Business owners. The Business Marketplace facilitate immediate connections for members to grow and develop their businesses

Exclusive access to tailor made workshops, videos, webinars and conferences aimed specifically to increase sales

The Scale It Up Expo

The SCALE IT UP Expo is created, designed and developed and will be delivered on June 3rd, 2020 to facilitate sales conversions and lead explosions integrated together for your business.

How does it work?

It combines 3 key and crucial ingredients to build a powerful business on one special day.

1. Sales Conversions…how to ask better questions for amazing outcomes.
2. Practice Live…how to implement your new acquired skills on the day.
3. Lead Explosions…how to generate immediate business and collaborations with several hundred ‘Business Owners’ there and then.

It’s void of the fluff and hype.

  • It’s the bridge between Sales Conversions And Lead Explosions Integrated Together.

  • Belly to belly close up and personal with real live people in one massive room all in attendance to ‘do better business’