About The Warrior Club

Do you have a rock hard warrior mindset?

In other words, do you have the tools at your disposal to roll with the punches, take the hits and come out bigger, better and stronger?

Outside of your mindset, do you have the skills in sales and negotiation to truly see your business prosper at the levels it has the ability to do so?

In 2024, we are releasing the warriors.

The new wave of business men and women, leading the way through the stormy future and triumphing in the successes of their businesses and personal lives.

In 2003, Gary Schuller released his world class “How To Negotiate Anything” training program and what a game changer it was for the thousands of people who completed the program.

More than 20 years on, Gary’s business career and personal life is a testimony to what is possible with a warrior mindset and the skills learnt through more than 37 years in business.

The program created in 2003, is relevant now more than ever.

Hence, this program has been breathed a new life and updated to a 2024 version called “The Warrior Club”.

A 12 month intense program where the business warriors will meet monthly, complete the life changing “How To Negotiate Anything” program and work closely with Gary and their fellow warriors across the way.

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